There are mechanical road sweeping machines of registered brand of Çeksan with HAMARAT model under HMT1600 and HMT2000 names. There are ideal for use in small areas and narrow passages.
• They can be used with all types of tractors.
• Machine movements can be controlled via control panel installed on the tractor.
• Tractor with capacity of 50 HP is sufficient to trail the machine.
• It collects wastes not by suctioning but with hydraulic driven mechanical collection system.
• Sweeping is carried by means of 3 brushes each of which is driven by its own hydraulic engine.
• In order to avoid dust on brushes, there is a pulverized water spraying system.
• Inclination and height adjustments can be made for sweeping surfaces. In this way, pits on streets and sweeping surfaces can be cleaned easily and good quality cleaning can be ensured on rocky, sandy streets with the worst challenging conditions.
• Special water pump can be used for cleaning, irrigation and agricultural disinfection purposes.
• Waste discharging is carried hydraulically.
• Waste chamber is designed to enable discharge of wastes into any waste container available on road. Therefore there is no need to transport wastes to far waste disposal areas.
• Operator can start using the machine after a short training.
• Spare parts are supplied easily within a short time period.



Sweeping Speed (km/h) 1-15km/h
Sweeping Width (mm) 2200-2400mm
Sweeping Capacity (m2/h) 36000
Hopper Tank Capacity (m3) 2
Water Tank Capacity (liter) 600
Hydroulic Oil Tank Capacity (liter) 60
Machine Length (mm) 4170
Machine Width (mm) 1800
Machine Height (mm) 1550
Empty Total Weight (kg) 1800
Water Pump(bar-liter) 40lt./min  30bar
Discharge Height (mm) 1250
Side Brush Diameter (mm) 500
Rear Brush Diameter (mm) 780
Rear Brush Length (mm) 1140
Number of Water Nozzle 8
Tire Size 6,5-10 12PR
Tractor PTO (rpm) 540
Minimum Require Tractor Power (kW) 33