Rear loading & compacting hydraulic garbage compactor

In the “Rear Loading & Compacting Hydraulic Garbage Compactor”, taking the garbage from the container and compacting inside the compactor is made by the sequential movements to be performed by the sliding and compacting shovel. Taking the garbage from the container and compacting it is made by electrical control whereas, the mechanical control arm is presented in this compactor as an option. Grabage collecting and unloading process is made in automatic control from inside the cabin, lateral and rear section. The discharging process is a double-effect hydraulic cylinder and shovelling system; the opening and closing of the rear cover during discharge is automatic.

The “Rear Loading & Compacting Hydraulic Garbage Compactor” is a rapid and an economic solution in garbage collecting. It is a safe and pleasant work for the employees. It provides a modern, clean and an innovative appearance for the environment.