Rear Loading Hydraulic Garbage Compactor With Crane System

The crane system in the Rear Loading Hydraulic Garbage Compactor With Crane System, can be applied on, zero or existing Garbage bodies. It has the capability to take both 3-5 m3 underground containers and the standard 1.108 containers by means of pulling the additional back lid. It has the single device advantage for different containers which are still available in the same region Today the underground containers are the good solution in the urbanization, thanks to not take up the place on the ground, to give rarely less smell around and not to create environmental pollution there at respectively. When it has been compared with the classic wheeled container of 1.100 liter, there can be stored 6 times more wastes in the container of 5m. By this means, the collectors have been coming to the places where the wastes are existing, with the longer intervals and there have been saving the time as well as the energy accordingly.
There have been contributed to the country’s economy and not to be worn out of the tents of garbage trucks respectively.

Crane_004crane_007 crane_005